The Great Lakes Now monthly television program is produced by Detroit Public TV in partnership with a network of PBS affiliates around the region. Shooting on location in eight states and Canada, the magazine-style show brings viewers stories about the recreational, economic, scientific, political and environmental issues related to the Great Lakes and drinking water.

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Latest News from Great Lakes Now

Farm Protection: Ontario invests in projects to help farms improve Great Lakes water quality
- by Brian Owens

More than $2.5 million was awarded from the Ontario government to 19 projects that ranged from green infrastructure projects to helping spread good land management practices.

Seven Years On: The Flint water crisis has yet to conclude
- by Natasha Blakely

The Flint water crisis remains at the forefront as the settlement deal waits for approval, the criminal cases are pending, and the city finishes replacing its lead pipelines.

Drinking Water News Roundup: Minnesota’s salty water problem, aging infrastructure affects taste, Pennsylvania grants
- by Maya Sundaresan

Catch the latest drinking water updates with Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

Company formerly known as Nestle drops water withdrawal permit
- by Michigan Radio

Blue Triton Brands, formerly known as Nestle Waters North America, has withdrawn its controversial permit allowing the company to extract more Michigan groundwater near Evart, Michigan.

Nuclear Question: Debate continues over long-term storage of nuclear waste in the Great Lakes
- by Andrew Reeves

The current storage situation isn’t a long-term one, but the question of where the waste should be hosted and what it means for the impacted community remains hotly debated.

What is COP26? Here’s how global climate negotiations work and what’s expected from the Glasgow summit
- by The Conversation

Over two weeks in November, world leaders and national negotiators will meet in Scotland to discuss what to do about climate change. It’s a complex process that can be hard to make sense of from the outside, but it’s how international law and institutions help solve problems that no single country can fix on its own.

Animal Check: New project to monitor aquatic species that live near proposed nuclear storage sites
- by Sharon Oosthoek

Nuclear Waste Management Organization and the University of Guelph this summer began a new project to help understand the potential environmental impact of the proposed underground nuclear waste storage sites.

Sturgeon Restoration: Studying Michigan’s and Wisconsin’s current flourishing populations
- by Kathy Johnson

In the few locations in the Great Lakes where lake sturgeon still spawn successfully, restoration efforts are focused on studying and managing those existing populations or boosting low populations.