The Great Lakes Now monthly television program is produced by Detroit Public TV in partnership with a network of PBS affiliates around the region. Shooting on location in eight states and Canada, the magazine-style show brings viewers stories about the recreational, economic, scientific, political and environmental issues related to the Great Lakes and drinking water.

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Latest News from Great Lakes Now

Book Review: Saving our changing menu in the Great Lakes region and beyond
- by Capri S. Cafaro

“Our Changing Menu: Climate Change and the Foods We Love and Need” offers examples of how our global food system is affected by climate change. More importantly, it offers hope and solutions for the future that can be applied right here in the Great Lakes region and beyond. 

Climate change is harming Michigan hunting and fishing, groups warn lawmakers
- by Bridge Michigan

Michigan’s wild places — and the fish and wildlife that call them home — are under threat as warmer temperatures cause species to migrate northward and rivers to overheat. Advocates called for more resources to protect Michigan’s fish and game from those changes.

New NASA imagery reveals startling behavior among group of ‘banished’ beavers: “[They] were just about everywhere”
- by Wild Hope Staff

NASA satellite imagery has recently shown that beavers banished to rural Idaho have made significant improvements to waterways in the region. These dams are already buffering against floods and reducing the risk of forest fires.

Michigan Legislature tackles ambitious climate legislation. How far will it go?
- by Interlochen Public Radio

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer released the MI Healthy Climate Plan last year. Now the state legislature is trying to take those goals and turn them into law.

Historians race to find Great Lakes shipwrecks before quagga mussels destroy the sites
- by The Associated Press

An invasive mussel is destroying shipwrecks deep in the depths of the lakes, forcing archeologists and amateur historians into a race against time to find as many sites as they can.

Waves of Change: Meet community organizer Justin Onwenu
- by GLN Editor

Waves of Change is a new online interview series highlighting the diverse faces and perspectives shaping the environmental justice movement throughout the Great Lakes region.

Michigan toddlers to receive universal lead testing under new legislation
- by Planet Detroit

Detroit kids test positive for lead at triple the state’s rate, but few get tested. A new universal testing law means more exposed kids may get help.

Nibi Chronicles: The art of Ojibwe linoleum
- by Staci Lola Drouillard

Preserving the remarkable legacy of Tchi-Ki-Wis Linklater’s cedar bark mats.

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