Detroit and Toronto among Time Magazine’s “50 Greatest Places”

Detroit and Toronto among Time Magazine’s “50 Greatest Places”
July 13, 2022 Sandra Svoboda

Two Great Lakes cities are among “The World’s 50 Greatest Places of 2022” as compiled by Time magazine.

Detroit and Toronto made the list along with destinations on all the continents and in outer space. The magazine said the list came from its “international network of correspondents and contributors, with an eye toward those (destinations) offering new and exciting experiences.”

What puts these key Great Lakes cities in such company?

According to Time, Detroit’s inclusion was for its new restaurants, including one serving “Great Lakes-caught fish,” new hotels, the expansion of the Motown Museum and its “first electric-vehicle charging road, solidifying its title once again as the Motor City – but for the modern age.”

And Toronto, as a “multi­dimensional, forward-­thinking, diverse city,” as Time writes, has numerous art offerings and the new CIBC Square Park, an elevated park.

(No mention of the historic Great Lakes waterfronts for either city, we noticed…)

Get Out There

Here at Great Lakes Now we might be biased, but we think a few other locations around our freshwater inland seas could have made the cut. But if we’re being selfish, we’d like to keep some of our dunes, national forests, beaches, trails and favorite restaurants a little less crowded. Being omitted from the list might be okay.

After all, the 40 million of us who live in the region know the islands and lakeshores, trails and city walks, campsites and historic hotels are indeed among the greatest destinations in the world.

And we don’t necessarily need a national magazine to tell us, right?

If you’re interested in a visit to the two Great Lakes cities, here are a few tourism bureau sites to get you started:

Visit Detroit

Destination Toronto

Continental Count

In case you were wondering, here are the number of destinations by continent :

Africa 5
Asia 11
Australia/New Zealand 3
Europe 13
Europe and Asia 1
None 2
North America 9
South America 6

Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia, The Arctic isn’t on a continent necessarily, and the International Space Station is definitely not on a continent. (We used its control center in Houston, Texas as the point on the map…)

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