Anniversary Approaches: Celebrating Great Lakes Now’s monthly show as it nears its two-year mark

Anniversary Approaches: Celebrating Great Lakes Now’s monthly show as it nears its two-year mark
April 23, 2021 Sandra Svoboda

Read Great Lakes Now staff’s favorite moments working on the show here.

We get it. The first 24 months of something isn’t usually a big occasion. Not like the neat 5- or 10- or 25- or even 50-year marks.

But there are some good adages:

Two is better than one.

Double trouble.

It takes two.

So the Great Lakes Now team here at Detroit Public Television decided the two-year anniversary of our monthly program was cause for virtual celebration.

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We hope you take inspiration from our week leading up to the actual April 30 date: maybe pause and think about accomplishments instead of unfinished tasks. Learn a little more about the world – especially the Great Lakes. Appreciate some of the challenges we collectively face, and consider how you and your actions can be part of positive changes. That’s what we’re trying to do this week!

We’ll bring you some new content – and it’s fun!

We have a new show – and it’s about one of the biggest environmental, political issues in the Great Lakes today, with a growing international dimension.

We’ll have a watch party on Tuesday.

And we’re hoping you help us do our work for year three with some suggestions for what we should cover.

Click HERE to offer your ideas.

If you’ve missed our work, you can find it all throughout this website – there’s a search icon in the upper right. We’ve done a lot of tweaks so if you’re looking for something, please explore the redesigned menu bar and scroll the homepage for “hot topics.”

And if you’re a history buff, click through our timeline below to learn more about the history of Great Lakes Now and how it evolved at DPTV with the help of so many people and partners. (We’ll be highlighting some of those this week too!)

Great Lakes Now Timeline

If you’re not signed up for our newsletter, doing so will help you stay updated throughout year three.

As for those adages, here’s how they relate to Great Lakes Now:

“Two is better than one.” Usually.

“Double trouble.” We like good trouble. And while the constraints and challenges of the pandemic made a troubling year in many ways, it also pushed us to make TV differently and, in some ways, better.

“It takes two.” It takes WAY more than two. I wish I could tell you how many people contribute to the Great Lakes Now effort, but it’s truly impossible. Between DPTV, our PBS partner stations, partner organizations, funders, individual supports, members and audience members across all our platforms, we’re in the millions.

Here’s to millions more in year three!

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