Homes, Invaders: The Great Lakes Now Episode Quiz

Homes, Invaders: The Great Lakes Now Episode Quiz
July 1, 2022 Tynnetta Harris, Great Lakes Now

Great Lakes Now episodes often explore the human element of the Great Lakes along with the critters residing in the waters.

In “Homes, Invaders,” learn about how sea lampreys are an invasive and dangerous species and the efforts that are being done to control the sea lamprey population in the Great Lakes. Take a look into some of the most common and dangerous issues that residents living in old homes in Detroit are impacted by and the health issues that are caused by those issues. And in “The Catch,” learn all about shipwrecks, a Lake Erie birding trail and efforts to update water infrastructure in Milwaukee.

Watch the episode here:

It’s a lot for one episode, so why not take this quiz to see how much of it stuck with you:


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