Great Lakes Learning: Join us online to learn more on teaching about this amazing freshwater system

Great Lakes Learning: Join us online to learn more on teaching about this amazing freshwater system
March 25, 2020 Gary Abud Jr.
Photo courtesy of Gary Abud Jr.

As the author of Great Lakes Now’s collection of lesson plans, educational consultant Gary Abud Jr. is now providing more support for parents, teachers and caregivers who want to incorporate Great Lakes learning into their time with children and students.

Find the lesson plans and the virtual field trip online HERE.

If you’re interested in using more Great Lakes-related lessons in your at-home learning these days, we’ve got some help.

I’ll be leading three upcoming webinars that will be focusing on how to teach students remotely about the Great Lakes using the lessons in our collection. See the collection HERE.

All of these webinars are offered free, some on-demand and others live. They’re supported by a variety of regional and national educational organizations.

Each webinar will feature the content of the collection, explain the structure of the lessons, highlight some of the ways that activities can be used in remote learning, and provide tips for delivering these lessons to your class or family. Each is scheduled for an hour.

Here’s the lineup:

At 11 a.m. ET on Friday, March 28, The Meemic Foundation is recording a webinar that will be available for on-demand viewing in their Resource Library for members of their Foundation Club. It’s free to join the Meemic Foundation Club and get access to this and other great educational content.

At 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 8, the National Network of State Teachers of the Year  is hosting a Facebook Live event where the webinar will be presented and viewers will have a chance to do live Q&A with the moderators of the event. After the Facebook Live event, you’ll be able to access the archived webinar on their website. Register here to attend.

At 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, April 29, the American Modeling Teachers Association  is hosting a live webinar for science teachers. Sign up using the registration link or access the archived webinar on their website after the event.

By attending these webinars, you will gain an overview of the lesson collection available through PBS Learning Media and Great Lakes Now, learn how it fits with classroom or home instruction, and find out ways to engage students in the classroom or at home with these blended-learning lessons and resources.

For teachers and parents alike, finding ways to engage kids in learning from home (especially when you’re limited in leaving the premises) can be tough, particularly when not all curriculum translates to remote learning lessons. That’s why we think you’ll love trying these Great Lakes lessons out (at your own pace, of course) to get students wondering, noticing, thinking and doing. Explore them before the webinars here:

With these lessons, you won’t have to worry about what your students are learning or how they are learning—just that they are learning.

If you use them, we’d love to hear from you – share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Featured Image: Gary Abud, Jr., Photo courtesy of Gary Abud Jr.


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