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AI technology could be used to monitor invaders in the Great Lakes
- by Brian Owens

Having artificial intelligence track the spread of invasive species would be quicker and cheaper, but only once scientists can guarantee accuracy.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Power up
- by Alex Hill

Around the region, you can find power plants for hydro, solar, wind, coal and more. In this map, see where those plants stand.

Water’s True Cost
- by Circle of Blue

The quality of Michigan’s water infrastructure and the consequences of failure, while still real and apparent, are no longer being ignored.

Biden forest plan stirs dispute over what counts as “old”
- by The Associated Press

Any definitions for old-growth or mature trees adopted by the Biden’s administration are “going to be subjective,” said Mark Ashton, a forestry professor at the Yale School of the Environment.

Dam Accounting: Taking Stock of Methane Emissions From Reservoirs
- by The Revelator

Mounting studies highlight greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs, and now a coalition of environmental groups has called for regulatory action.

National Guard to help with northeastern Minnesota flooding
- by The Associated Press

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz on Thursday activated the National Guard to help control record flooding in areas of northeastern Minnesota.

Drinking Water News Roundup: $3M invested in Illinois water system, coal ash rule means safer water in Indiana
- by Tynnetta Harris

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with drinking water in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

Canada ranks dead last among G7 on climate progress: Earth Index
- by Corporate Knights

Among the 10 most developed G20 countries assessed by Corporate Knights’ Earth Index analysis, “Canada was the worst performing country of the whole group in 2019,” said Ralph Torrie, Corporate Knights’ director of research.

Ontario faces uneven investment in water infrastructure
- by Andrew Reeves

While much-needed money is being directed to aging drinking water infrastructure, stormwater and sewer systems have been neglected.

FRESH: EPA Recommends Against Minnesota Mining Permit
- by Circle of Blue

Fresh is a biweekly newsletter from Circle of Blue that unpacks the biggest international, state, and local policy news stories facing the Great Lakes region today.

Even in Canada, where water prices are low, aging infrastructure and rising costs are a problem
- by Andrew Reeves

Water, while still overall affordable in Canada compared to other countries, is growing more expensive as the cost of neglecting infrastructure for decades comes due.

Monty passes, Rose’s location still in question
- by Natasha Blakely

Beloved Chicago piping plover Monty died on Friday. Rose and their offspring have yet to return.