Lead in Your Water

Ever since Flint, Michigan caught the world’s attention, communities around the Great Lakes region have been taking a closer look at their drinking water.

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Lead in Your Water

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From NPR: Check if you have lead pipes in your home
- by GLN Editor

NPR developed a tool to make it easier for you to check if your drinking water is at risk for lead exposure and what kinds of solutions are available to you if that’s the case. Follow the steps to learn more about the pipes in your home.

Breaking news from Benton Harbor:

Here is Great Lakes Now’s recent work about the issue of lead in drinking water:

Indiana Finance Authority COO Testifies at House Drinking Water Hearing

Finance Authority chief says Congress should consider funding changes to better address the state’s PFAS and lead issues.

Flint residents get extension to file claims over bad water
- by The Associated Press

A judge granted a seven-week extension Monday to file claims for a share of $626 million settlement over Flint’s lead-contaminated water.

Michigan’s 20th Century water systems too big for its shrinking city populations
- by Natasha Blakely

Cities around the Great Lakes region struggle with the cost of water maintenance and operation as their populations decline.

Water woes loom for Michigan suburbs, towns after decades of disinvestment
- by Bridge Michigan

Michigan cities rich and poor, big and small have been delaying maintenance on their water systems for decades. Now, even wealthy towns are suffering the consequences of past reluctance to pay for water system upkeep.

The Catch: Benton Harbor’s lead pipes and the plan to replace them
- by GLN Editor

Reporter Leonard Fleming at The Detroit News has been covering the story, and he joins Great Lakes Now for this segment to further explain the issues and impact in the west Michigan city.

State praised for vow to remove sources of lead from Benton Harbor homes
- by Bridge Michigan

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced on April 7 a goal to remove lead from every affected home in the city.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer signs over $4.7B for infrastructure
- by The Associated Press

Michigan is investing more than $4.7 billion to improve infrastructure, including drinking water upgrades, internet access and fixing roads, bridges and dams.

Judge: Ex-governor must testify in Flint water civil trial
- by The Associated Press

U.S. District Judge Judith Levy denied motions by Snyder, his former advisor, two former state-appointed emergency managers and an ex-Flint city official to quash subpoenas compelling them to testify.

Indiana University study links lead exposure to juvenile delinquency
- by Indiana Environmental Reporter

In the first direct analysis of its kind, a study by Indiana University researchers has found a link between lead in drinking water, specifically from private wells, and juvenile delinquency.

Snyder will take 5th if called to testify in water trial
- by The Associated Press

Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who faces misdemeanor charges in the Flint water crisis, wants to avoid testifying in a civil trial involving engineering firms that are being sued over liability for lead-contaminated water.

Benton Harbor residents should keep drinking bottled water, but EPA says filters work on lead
- by Michigan Radio

The U.S. EPA says its study on Benton Harbor’s tap water shows filters do work to remove lead, but the EPA says residents should follow state health guidance, and still only drink bottled water.

Trial begins in lawsuit against engineering firms that advised Flint during water crisis
- by Michigan Radio

A federal trial is underway to decide if engineering firms that advised the city of Flint on water issues bear some responsibility for the city’s water crisis.