Join Great Lakes Now on the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant podcast

Join Great Lakes Now on the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant podcast
September 6, 2022 GLN Editor

If you’re a Great Lakes lover and podcast listener, you probably already know about the “Teach Me About the Great Lakes” podcast produced by Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant.

But if not, maybe we have one more reason for you to tune in: Great Lakes Now news is now part of the program.

Logo courtesy of Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

“We’re excited that we have a chance to present and talk about – and sometimes even laugh about – news stories from our site with the Sea Grant hosts and audience,” said GLN Program Director Sandra Svoboda.

She’s made three appearances on the podcast, sharing news stories with Host Stuart Carlton and bantering a bit with him.

Here are those shows:

Episode 65: An Accident of Industrial History

Episode 64: Species That We Haven’t Yet Mourned

Episode 62: The G.L.O.A.T.

Carlton, the quippy host, is a Louisiana native, so he has much to learn about the Lakes we love. His podcast is built around expert guests, fun features and his original music.

You can find all the episodes HERE.

Since the podcast launched in November 2019, it’s become (roughly) twice-monthly, include some live-audience shows at conferences.

Here’s a trailer for the podcast – which may be more about sandwiches and donuts than the Great Lakes, but you’ll get the idea of the tone of the show:

Catch more news at Great Lakes Now: 

On the Airwaves: Great Lakes Now’s Anna Sysling talks “Poisonous Ponds”

“Poisonous Ponds: Tackling Toxic Coal Ash” featured on One Detroit program

Featured image: Stuart Carlton recording live at the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Grand Rapids. (Photo Courtesy of Hope Charters)


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