Boulders in place to protect lakefront at Indiana Dunes Park

Boulders in place to protect lakefront at Indiana Dunes Park
June 1, 2021 The Associated Press

PORTAGE, Ind. (AP) — The National Park Service says the Portage Lakefront at Indiana Dunes National Park has reopened after a project to install boulders to protect the pavilion and assure safer access to the shoreline.

It says the joint effort by the City of Portage and the Park Service involved the installation of more than 1,000 tons of boulders needed to protect the lakefront and the Riverwalk from erosion.

Park Superintendent Paul Labovitz says the project will help protect the site as lake levels rise and fall.

The Portage Lakefront site is jointly managed by the city and the National Park Service and features a beach, pavilion, upland trail, and breakwater.

The Riverwalk portion of the site remains temporarily closed due to damage from high water.

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Featured image: Lake View Beach at Indiana Dunes National Park (Photo courtesy of National Park service)


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