On Wisconsin: Great Lakes Now television series begins airing on PBS Wisconsin

On Wisconsin: Great Lakes Now television series begins airing on PBS Wisconsin
October 1, 2020 GLN Editor

Television audiences in Wisconsin can now tune in to the award-winning Great Lakes Now program on six more PBS channels.

Beginning Oct. 1, PBS Wisconsin will carry the series on The Wisconsin Channel broadcast on six signals: WHA-TV in Madison, WHLA-TV in La Crosse, WPNE-TV in Green Bay, WHRM-TV in Wausau, WHWC-TV in Menomonie-Eau Claire and WLEF-TV in Park Falls. Viewers in Milwaukee have enjoyed the program on WMVS-TV since January.

For schedule information, click HERE.

Since it launched in April 2019, the Great Lakes Now segments have filmed throughout the region – and sometimes beyond – providing audiences with stories about environmental issues, scientific research, recreational opportunities, cultural dynamics and industry news.

The above map shows all the PBS stations airing the award-winning program.

Among the Wisconsin-focused segments Great Lakes Now has produced already:

Wisconsin Doors Open – As pandemic safer-at-home orders lifted in May, visitors began arriving at Wisconsin businesses, which raised some public health concerns.

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Kinnickkinnic River Restoration – The Kinnickinnic River runs through Milwaukee’s south side, and it drains the most densely populated watershed in the state of Wisconsin. It was once a natural, tree-lined river before the city expanded onto its banks during the first half of the 20th century.

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Island Basketball – The Beaver Island high school girls and boys basketball teams were part of the Great Lakes Island Basketball Tournament. Traveling by bus, ferry, airplane, snowmobile and horse taxis, the teams met on Mackinac Island for their second annual tournament, and Great Lakes Now was there for all the action.

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Lead-Poisoned Eagle – A bald eagle was seen acting strangely in a park near Green Bay. With suspected lead poisoning, the bird was treated at a rehabilitation facility.

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In 2019, Great Lakes Now produced “Tapping the Great Lakes” about water withdrawals and diversion in the region, including Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The Great Lakes Now website also has published news and feature articles about the Badger State:

Trash Fish: Marine debris becomes sculptures at Great Lakes aquariums and museums

Policy Expert Q&A: Keep advocating with elected officials for safe drinking water

Great Lakes Energy News Roundup: Wisconsin utility shutoffs postponed, Lake Erie wind farm, Minnesota mine legal win

Intersecting Crises: Fighting for climate justice in a pandemic

Lake Michigan Water Pipeline: Waukesha receives federal loan for water supply project

Milwaukee significantly behind in project to replace 1,100 lead pipes by end of year

Cost of Conservation: Needed systems and equipment can lead to a hefty price tag


  1. Dan Alpert 3 years ago

    Congratulations on expanding broadcasting to Wisconsin! I did look to see what time they’re carrying, using the link in your story above, (For schedule information, click HERE.) but it just takes me to their schedule page (https://pbswisconsin.org/schedule/20201001/ ) and no way to search by name unless I go to their WATCH page (https://pbswisconsin.org/watch-page/ ) And there when I type in Great Lakes Now, nothing is found. Can you get this fixed or tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  2. Great article..

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