Silver Linings: High water and erosion uncovers hidden history

Silver Linings: High water and erosion uncovers hidden history
January 27, 2020 Ric Mixter

The Great Lakes have been dealing with record-high water levels these past few years, with a number of consequences, including ruined property, eroding shorelines and flooding.
But one unexpected boon of the situation has been a number of shipwrecks and historical artifacts being uncovered with the rising water.
The Great Lakes are known for their shipwrecks—the Edmund Fitzgerald being one of the most well-known—and the changing water levels and shorelines are uncovering previously undiscovered shipwrecks on the lakebed.
One of them was recently found near Muskegon in the West Michigan Underwater Preserve.

Watch this video where one of the shipwreck survivors talks about the history of the barge that was found:

The Muskegon area is no stranger to shipwrecks ripe with history being discovered off the shores in Lake Michigan.

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  1. Melissa Grabau 4 years ago

    @DrFishSG pointed out on Twitter how nice to see wreck not covered in quagga mussels. That is so good to see. Good article and photo. Thanks.

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