Great Lakes Energy News Roundup: $1.2M approved for Fox River, public comment open for Lake Superior gas plant, Michigan AG shifting toward clean energy

Great Lakes Energy News Roundup: $1.2M approved for Fox River, public comment open for Lake Superior gas plant, Michigan AG shifting toward clean energy
October 17, 2019 Ian Wendrow
Photo by greenbaywi.gov

Keep up with energy-related developments in the Great Lakes area with Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

In this edition: Wisconsin Assembly approves $1.2 million to move coal piles from Green Bay tributary, Superior City Council supports proposed Lake Superior natural gas plant ahead of scheduled public hearings, Michigan’s AG Dana Nessel spoke on shifting her office’s focus toward supporting ratepayers and promoting clean energy, and Consumer Energy spoke in Traverse City on eco-friendly energy goals by 2040.

 Wisconsin Assembly approves $1.2M for Green Bay to move coal piles, upgrade port – Green Bay Press Gazette

The Wisconsin state Assembly voted 69-27 on Oct. 10 to provide Green Bay with $1.2 million through Wisconsin’s harbor assistance grant program to help with the relocation of coal piles from along the Fox River. Fox River is a major tributary of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. The funding proposal will now move to the state Senate for consideration.

 Superior City Council signals support of $700 million natural gas plant – Star Tribune

Superior city councilors on Oct. 15 signaled their support for a proposed natural gas plant on the coast of Lake Superior before state regulators come to town for public hearings later this month. The public is invited to offer comments in person at the Belgian Club on Oct. 28 and 29 and in written form now till Oct. 29.

 Pro House Bill 6 ads claim Ohio energy grid is being infiltrated by “foreign influences” – The Cincinnati Enquirer

Passed in late May, House Bill 6 subsidizes two nuclear power plants on the coast of Lake Erie with an added 85 cents on residents’ electric bills, along with a $20 million a year subsidy for solar power. Despite bipartisan support, some Ohioans remain committed to repeal the bill, which has led to some interesting advertisements claiming that China has infiltrated Ohio’s energy grid. Ohioans for Energy Security, an LLC fighting repeal of the law, has used this claim to suggest China wants the nuclear plants to fail in order to gain influence in Ohio’s energy market.

 Michigan AG Dana Nessel using her office to promote clean energy, ratepayers – Energy News Network

Following 16 years of Republican control of the Attorney General’s office, Dana Nessel has sharply diverted the role of her office towards the promotion of clean energy and fighting utility companies on rate increases. Nessel argues that in dealing with electrical utilities, some of them being monopolies, it is important that the AG remains a strong advocate for ratepayers.

 “Passive homes” gaining popularity in Midwest as energy-efficient alternative – Green Bay Press Gazette

Just north of downtown Milwaukee, the village of Shorewood is home to just one of 350 “passive housing” units in the United States. Passive Housing refers to a set of construction principles aimed at significantly reducing the energy consumption of homes. The result is a home that uses 90% less energy than any other residential building in Wisconsin.

 “Love Michigan” Consumers Energy tour promoting plans for clean energy – Up North Live

Patti Pope, the CEO of Consumers Energy, has been touring across Michigan to promote the company’s clean energy plans, recently stopping in Traverse City. Among the company’s goals are the retirement of all coal-fired plants, an additional 6,000 megawatts of solar energy and energy waste reduction. All of this in service of reaching the company’s 2040 goal of having 90% of their energy production coming from renewable or clean energy sources.

Featured Image: Downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, Photo by greenbaywi.gov


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