Where Do I Find the Presidential Candidates Positions on the Environment?

Where Do I Find the Presidential Candidates Positions on the Environment?
October 17, 2016 GLN Editor

The media has been overrun with the most salacious details about the lives of the presidential candidates this election season, leaving us with a woeful lack of coverage on where they actually stand on important issues. Here at the Great Lakes Bureau, we’re particularly interested on the candidates environmental positions. If your reading this, we figure you might be too. In addition to candidate Trump and Clinton’s own websites (check under “energy” on Trump’s site, as “environment” is not listed as a category), we’ve found a couple of great resources that cut to the chase, without being hell bent on tearing one candidate down over the other. As you might imagine, the contrast between the candidates is stark. These lists and articles give a great overview on the biggest issues, and link to references for further research.

Here is great overview by Kenneth J. Warren from The Legal Intelligencer that was just published this past week.

Check out the guide put out by the League of Conservation Voters here.

Here’s another, slightly older but still relevant, list from Ballotpedia that includes some background on each candidate and even some details on the positions of the vice presidential candidates.

If you have a great resource, please share it with us in the comments section!



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