Challenges Facing Lake Erie and the Other Great Lakes

Challenges Facing Lake Erie and the Other Great Lakes
September 11, 2012 GLN Editor
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Scott Winkler with the Ohio EPA samples for algae in Lake Erie.By Scott Winkler for ideastream®

The lakes are the largest freshwater system on Earth, besides what’s tucked away in the polar ice caps, and, as this year’s extreme drought reminds us, fresh water is a huge resource. Keeping it clean and plentiful is on the minds of many. To get a sense of the issues that face the Great Lakes right now, ideastream’s Anne Glausser went for a boat ride.

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  1. Barry Johnson 12 years ago

    Good to see Lana Pollack and to hear her comments. Actionable science was her phrase and it is so needed.
    Regarding Phosphorous, I did not hear any comments about the nutrient sink in Lake Erie as a potential contributor to the algae issues. How is that source contribution compare to farm runoff and other sources?

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