June 1-7, 2014: Rip Current Awareness Week


More than 100 people die annually in the United States from drowning in rip currents, according to the United States Lifesaving Association, and in the past 12 years, 138 of these deaths occurred on the Great Lakes. As part of a multipronged public outreach project, Michigan Sea Grant, in collaboration with the National Weather Service, […]

Migratory Birds


Detroit Public Television and The Nature Conservancy presented, “Great Lakes Now Connect: Migratory Birds.” Watch it now or download the program from iTunes.

Summer Recreation

Great Lakes Now: Summer Recreation

Great Lakes Now Connect: Summer Recreation, hosted by Christy McDonald will look at the state of the Lakes from a recreational standpoint.  Bringing you stories from around the Great Lakes . . . the beauty, the recreation and even some of the challenges our lakes are facing including lake levels, algae, fish populations, and concerns […]

On the Road with Energy 2030

Alliance to Save Energy & The Frederick & Barbara Erb Institute University of Michigan

On Monday, March 31st, the Erb Institute in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and the Alliance to Save Energy gathered top experts from Michigan and the U.S. to try and answer that question.  Watch the day in full on demand. Energy 2030 on the Road is an initiative organized around the […]

Southeast Michigan Receives Two EPA Great Lakes Shoreline Cities Green Infrastructure Grants

Detroit Skyline

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the award of two Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grants, totaling $1.25 million, to Detroit and St. Clair Shores in order to fund green infrastructure projects and improve water quality in the Great Lakes. “Detroit and St. Clair Shores will use these EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Shoreline Cities […]

Technologies Poised to Keep Asian Carp at Bay, Slowed by Challenges

Infographic - Which technologies would keep out Asian Carp?

  From Quest Science - Post by Hannah Weinberger , Producer for QUEST Ohio  Listening to scientists discuss the challenges presented by invasive Asian carp, you could easily confuse these conversations for war-room strategy sessions. Through a series of verbal exchanges peppered with tactical-grade language and anxiety, the consensus is that methods used to prevent bighead and silver carp […]

Great Lakes Now Connect: Northern Forests

northern forests

On Tuesday, February 18th, we kicked off the year discussing northern forests. Watch it now or download the program from iTunes. The Great Lakes contain one of the largest remaining swaths of unbroken hardwood forest in the United States, but as a result of historical and modern large-scale timbering, our once-massive forests have been reduced […]

US Army Corps of Engineers Completes ‘Great Lakes & Mississippi River Interbasin Study’


Earlier this week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed the “Great Lakes and Mississippi River Interbasin Study” (GLMRIS).  Mandated by Congress, the study presents several options for preventing the movement of invasive species, such as Asian Carp, into the Great Lakes. In addition to preventing harmful species from enter the five Great Lakes, the […]

Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative seek to remove Microplastics from the Lakes


Microplastics are plastics that are less than 5 mm in diameter and, though so small, are wreaking great havoc to the Great Lakes.  One of the common ways for microplastics to enter the Great Lakes is through consumer care products, such as exfoliating body wash. In 2012, Dr. Sherri Mason, a professor at SUNY Fredonia, […]

Interactive map to support climate change adaptation planning in Great Lakes region

Interactive Map Image

The University of Michigan’s Graham Sustainability Institute in partnership with Headwaters Economics launched an interactive map on Tuesday with the goal of supporting climate change adaptation planning in the Great Lakes region. The map provides social, economic and demographic statistics on 225 counties in the region with detailed data about municipal spending, land-use change and […]