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Food Supply

Great Lakes Now Special: Food Supply

Great Lakes Now Connect has produced a 30 minute special Great Lakes Now Connect: Food Supply that will air Thursday, August 7th at 8:30pm on Detroit Public Television WTVS Channel 56. As the summer’s harvest floods into farmers markets around the Great Lakes basin, this special will take an in-depth look at the linkage between […]

Great Lakes Now: Summer Recreation

Great Lakes Now – Latest News

From the algae bloom crisis in Toledo, to food supply in the Great Lakes basin, to exploring the ‘wild places’ of Michigan, get all the information you need at Great Lakes Now.   More Algae Crisis in the Great Lakes In addition to watching online, you can watch the broadcast on Detroit Public TV’s WORLD Channel […]


June 1-7, 2014: Rip Current Awareness Week

More than 100 people die annually in the United States from drowning in rip currents, according to the United States Lifesaving Association, and in the past 12 years, 138 of these deaths occurred on the Great Lakes. As part of a multipronged public outreach project, Michigan Sea Grant, in collaboration with the National Weather Service, […]


Migratory Birds

Detroit Public Television and The Nature Conservancy presented, “Great Lakes Now Connect: Migratory Birds.” Watch it now or download the program from iTunes.

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Great Lakes Week 2013

Session at Great Lakes Week 2013

Great Lakes Week 2013 – Sessions

Great Lakes Weeks encompasses conferences hosted by the International Joint Commission, the EPA, the U.S. Areas of Concern Program, the Great Lakes Commission, The Healing Our Waters® – Great Lakes Coalition (representing 120 organizations) and Environment Canada, as well as the Council of Great Lakes Industries, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Cities Initiative and the newly […]

Christy McDonald interviews leaders at the Great Lakes Now desk.

Great Lakes Week 2013 – Interviews

Christy McDonald interviews experts at the Great Lakes Now desk. Scroll through the player below to view the available interviews. You can also download the videos from iTunes.

Check out our Featured segments for Great Lakes Week 2013.

Great Lakes Week 2013 – Features

Highlights from the coverage during Great Lakes Week 2013. Segments produced by award winning producer, Ed Moore from Detroit Public Television. You can also download the videos from iTunes.   Closed Captions

Great Lakes Now Update

Great Lakes Now Updates

Christy McDonald hosts the evening recap of the day’s events during Great Lakes Week 2013. As soon as the programs are available On Demand, they will be available within this player.

Great Lakes Now - Watch the Live Stream

Great Lakes Week 2013 – Videos

Detroit Public TV brought you LIVE coverage of Great Lakes Week 2013 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Take a look at the Broadcast Schedule for videos Available On Demand >

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From Memories on the Great Lakes

Summer on the Lakes

We are celebrating Great Lakes Week with your summer memories! How did you spend your summer on the Great Lakes? Check out the #GreatLakesSummer memories below. From blog posts to photos to videos– we’re excited to share the adventure and beauty of the Great Lakes with the world. Share your #GreatLakesSummer memories >

Memories of the Great Lakes

Share Your Great Lakes Summer Memories

The Great Lakes are an important part of life for the over 30 million people living in the Great Lakes basin and the Great Lakes Week conferences are spreading the word. Show the world what the lakes mean to you and tell us about your summer on the Great Lakes – send pictures and vines […]