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Find out whose indigenous lands you’re currently residing on or visiting around the Great Lakes region and beyond. Great Lakes Now is sharing this map provided by Native Land Digital, a nonprofit organization in Canada.

Find stories below that have been published on Great Lakes Now and center indigenous voices and issues related to drinking water and the Great Lakes region.

Nibi Chronicles: Beach at Nishkwakwansing returned to tribal trust
- by Staci Lola Drouillard

In indigenous tradition, “land isn’t just land,” and a modern controversy highlights that in northern Minnesota.

The Catch: Meet the author behind “Nibi Chronicles”
- by GLN Editor

“There’s a lot to be learned from Ojibwe history and culture.”

Great Lakes Moment: Detroit’s benefits of a national urban park in Windsor
- by John Hartig

Windsor’s proposed Ojibway National Urban Park will not only reap such benefits in its metropolitan area but in the Detroit metropolitan area.

Judge orders Enbridge, tribe to form emergency pipeline plan
- by The Associated Press

Sierra Club Wisconsin Director Elizabeth Ward said she’s glad that Conley recognized the tribe’s concerns about a potential spill.

Mine opponents to ask Minnesota Supreme Court to void permit
- by The Associated Press

The Minnesota Supreme Court will hear arguments on an attempt by environmental groups to cancel a key permit for a long-stalled copper-nickel mine.

The Great Lakes-Iceland connection through the 100% Whitefish effort
- by James Proffitt

The Iceland Ocean Cluster could be the template for innovation around the recently announced 100% Whitefish project.

The Catch: Secrets of Lake Mendota
- by GLN Editor

It’s believed to be the oldest canoe ever discovered in the Great Lakes region and the second to be found in Lake Mendota.

Nibi Chronicles: The “Water is Life” festival goes beyond the music
- by Staci Lola Drouillard

In this introductory feature for ‘The Nibi Chronicles,” Staci Lola Drouillard finds hope where the band plays and the thunderbird lives.

Nonprofit buys 31,000 forested acres by Copper Harbor to keep land public
- by Bridge Michigan

The Nature Conservancy, a global environmental group, has paid a New York hedge fund more than $27 million for part of the land, with another purchase to come.

Know Your State Foods
- by Capri S. Cafaro

The Great Lakes states celebrate rice, walleye and even water as official foods or beverages. Here’s a full list.

More from “Poisonous Ponds: Tackling Toxic Coal Ash”
- by GLN Editor

Keep up with more coal ash news from the “Poisonous Ponds: Tackling Toxic Coal Ash” project.

The Catch: Historic land transfer
- by GLN Editor

The move marks the first time that land has been returned directly to a tribal entity in the state of New York.

Find video segments below that have aired on Great Lakes Now and center indigenous voices and issues related to drinking water and the Great Lakes region.

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