Algal Blooms in the Great Lakes

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Record-setting algae bloom in Lake Erie caused by agricultural and meteorological trends have caused this problem, which scientists predict won’t be the last crisis of its kind.

So, what can we do about it? Is it preventable, and if so, how?

Great Lakes Now produced a special interview with Christy McDonald and Dr. Patrick Doran, Director of Conservation for The Nature Conservancy in Michigan. Dr. Doran leads statewide and Great Lakes‐wide investigations of conservation priorities. This includes the identification and prioritization of important conservation areas, as well as the development and implementation of conservation strategies and measures of success.

Interviews include:

  • Patrick Doran, Michigan Director of Conservation, The Nature Conservancy
  • Jeff Reutter, Director, Ohio Sea Grant, Center for Lake Erie Area Research (by Skype)
  • Raj Bejankiwar, Physical Scientist, International Joint Commission (he’s the lead scientist on the IJC’s LEEP report)
  • Tim Davis, Molecular Ecologist, NOAA, Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

Detroit Public Television will continue to provide you with critical and in-depth information about the algae bloom crisis and other environmental issues that you need to know about.


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