Watch Party: River Influence

Watch Party: River Influence
October 9, 2020 GLN Editor

The health of the Great Lakes is inextricably linked to the health of the rivers that feed them. In northern Minnesota, one river faces environmental threats from a proposed mine. In Michigan, a second river is unleashed when aging hydroelectric dams are removed. In Indiana, a third river is protected from invasive Asian carp, which have infested rivers further south.

In this “watch party,” originally broadcast on Facebook, Great Lakes Now Program Director Sandra Svoboda chats with Lorraine Boissoneault, a Chicago-based journalist and regular contributor to the Great Lakes Now website, and Drew YoungeDyke from the National Wildlife Federation. They answer questions from the Facebook audience, and take a deeper dive into issues about mining, Asian carp, water quality and the Great Lakes.

More about the episode is HERE.

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