Poll Results: “Protect the Great Lakes”

Poll Results: “Protect the Great Lakes”
April 20, 2016 Lea Vigi


In the largest survey of its kind, 85% of surveyed U.S. and Great Lakes residents have told the Great Lakes Water Quality Board that protecting the Great Lakes from threats like invasive species and pollution is highly important.   The survey reached more than 4,000 residents in the eight Great Lakes states as well as Ontario. Other key findings:

  • A large majority of residents believe the Great Lakes should be protected for the benefit of fish and wildlife (76 percent) as well as their economic significance to the region (76 percent), their importance to human health now and for future generations (73 percent), and as a valuable natural resource (53 percent).
  • The role of individual responsibility for protecting the health of the lakes is cited by 78 percent of respondents, although 30 percent are unsure what steps they can take.

The complete report is available here >


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