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National Groundwater Emergency - Monday, Oct 1 1pm

Michigan’s Groundwater Emergency

Unchecked pollution imperils the nation’s aquifers:

The discovery of PFAS chemicals in water sources has stirred Michigan officials to test drinking water in more than a thousand communities. Furious and fearful, residents are asking a simple but urgent question: what’s in my water? But PFAS are the tip of the spear for threats to groundwater in Michigan and nationally. Nitrates, industrial chemicals, and pathogens have been swept underground for decades — aquifers used as garbage cans. What else is in the groundwater? And what are the risks?

Participate in this interactive live broadcast from anywhere in the world.

On October 1, Circle of Blue and its partners Bridge Magazine and Great Lakes Now continue the H2O Catalyst series with a discussion of Michigan’s groundwater emergency. National experts and journalists will define and debate responses to groundwater pollution challenges that are disrupting the lives of millions in Michigan and across the country. Join experts and journalists in virtual breakout groups to discuss:

  • Pollution threats to groundwater in Michigan and nationally
  • The strengths and weaknesses of state and federal pollution-prevention policies
  • Areas of concern for groundwater pollution
  • Sources of information about your water quality and what to do

H2O Catalyst interactive broadcasts enable participants from all backgrounds to interact and share their voice with leaders in fields such as security, finance, research, and journalism, as they discuss the world’s water challenges. Catalyst’s unique broadcast interface allows people from across continents to join in the world’s most important conversations.