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Great Lakes Education – Lessons Plans for Middle Schoolers

Great Lakes Now wants to help your students explore the Great Lakes.

That’s why we’ve designed a collection of free lesson plans that engage students with the science, math and more about the Great Lakes, largely through video segments from our award-winning PBS television program. Designed for middle-school classrooms and at-home learning, these educational activities will help students to become familiar with the Great Lakes through engaging, creative lessons.

Find the multiple collections below. Each lesson follows a student-centered learning framework with activities to help students experience, participate and connect with the learning.

Don’t miss the Virtual Field Trips with videos exploring coastal wetlands and sturgeon habitat.

For a news story about the education initiative, click HERE.

Click on the photos below to access videos, handouts, guided learning and other resources as well as the academic standards that each lesson includes.

Collection 4 – Monthly Lesson Plans 

Based on videos from our award-winning monthly television program, this new collection of learning activities includes science, math, geography and additional subjects.

Collection 3 – Virtual Field Trips 

For viewing anywhere!  Travel to Lake Erie’s coastal wetlands to learn about the ecosystem, sturgeon and algal blooms — all from your home or classroom.

PBS Learning Media 

Students and teachers can explore the Great Lakes from this national PBS-supported platform of educational materials.

PBS Station Educational Content 

Explore a curated page of curriculum and learning materials from locally produced programs and documentaries from the Great Lakes States.

Collection 1 – An Exploration of the Great Lakes

Scientific and geographic concepts about the Great Lakes are the focus of this 17-lesson collection with each module aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Collection 2 – Threats to the Great Lakes

Learn about the natural threats to and human impact upon, the Great Lakes in this set of 11 lessons. Each module is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and either Common Core standards, Earth Science or SEP standards.

Lesson Plans from Our Monthly PBS Program

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