The Great Lakes Now monthly television program is produced by Detroit Public TV in partnership with a network of PBS affiliates around the region. Shooting on location in eight states and Canada, the magazine-style show brings viewers stories about the recreational, economic, scientific, political and environmental issues related to the Great Lakes and drinking water.

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Latest News from Great Lakes Now

Science Says What? How 5th-graders counting plants can lead to positive change
- by Sharon Oosthoek

These young researchers are participating in citizen science — something the National Parks Service defines as the public voluntarily helping to conduct scientific research.

Multi-million dollar restoration projects proposed for the Saginaw Bay watershed; paid with settlement money from corporate polluters
- by Michigan Radio

Ten restoration projects, including wetlands and other wildlife habitat are proposed for the Tittabawassee, Shiawassee, and Saginaw rivers as well as Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay.

I Speak for the Fish: Playing follow-the-leader with diving ducks
- by Kathy Johnson

A team of ducks leads us to where the invasive round gobies are overwintering and along the way schools us in how to find fish underwater.

Nibi Chronicles: Acknowledging one family’s knack for finding ancient stone tools
- by Staci Lola Drouillard

The Anderson Collection’s oldest pieces are from the Clovis period of human history—delicately shaped points made of jasper or Hudson Bay lowland chert.

Environmental justice expert questions Michigan’s subsidies for electric vehicles
- by Gary Wilson

Concern over EV affordability for lower income groups and who will bear the burden of the environmental risk that comes with EV production.

EPA to limit toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water
- by The Associated Press

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first federal limits on harmful “forever chemicals” in drinking water.

Few good options for shrinking Michigan’s problem deer herds
- by Bridge Michigan

Deer are invading Michigan’s suburbs, resulting in car crashes, habitat destruction and disease concerns. But affected Michigan communities probably can’t sterilize or kill enough deer to reverse the trend.

Episode 2302 Lesson Plans: How cold is melting ice?
- by Gary Abud Jr.

Lessons and activities based on the monthly Great Lakes Now program.

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