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FRESH: New Wisconsin Law Aims to Protect Watersheds From Farm Runoff
- by Circle of Blue

Fresh is a biweekly newsletter from Circle of Blue that unpacks the biggest international, state, and local policy news stories facing the Great Lakes region today.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Flood risk
- by Alex Hill

The highest predicted climate risk for the Great Lakes region is from heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding, which many cities have seen in recent years.

Smart sewers relieve stress on systems and wastewater officials, saving energy and funds
- by Kari Lydersen

“Smart sewer” technology is increasingly common in the region, helping cities avoid overflows that release untreated sewers into lakes and rivers.

Great Lakes Moving Bridges: How they work and why we love them
- by James Proffitt

Moving bridges historically played crucial roles in the development of dozens of Great Lakes cities. And folks are often mesmerized by their sheer size and the fact they really do move.

Mapping the Great Lakes: Where do you live?
- by Alex Hill

Thirty million people live within the Great Lakes Watershed, which make up roughly 10% of the US population and 30% of the Canadian population.

How to steer money for drinking water and sewer upgrades to the communities that need it most
- by The Conversation

If this funding is managed smartly, we believe it can start to right these wrongs.

Great Lakes News Collaborative nets US Water Prize
- by GLN Editor

Great Lakes Now and its partners in the Great Lake News Collaborative received a national journalism award for coverage of water issues in the Great Lakes.

A look back on Queen Elizabeth’s Great Lakes tour
- by GLN Editor

Following the news of her passing, local news organizations reported on the late queen’s special connection to the region.

The Catch: Pollution problems … and solutions
- by GLN Editor

Broadcasting in our monthly PBS television program, The Catch is a Great Lakes Now series that…

Sustainable Shipping: At the Port of Milwaukee the wind blows toward a greener future
- by Kari Lydersen

In Milwaukee, the port’s wind turbine has been a great source of success, but despite efforts, the port struggles to change its image with the public.

Sewer overflow sends wastewater into rivers, Lake Michigan
- by The Associated Press

Days of heavy rain this month overwhelmed Milwaukee’s sewer system, sending millions of gallons of untreated wastewater into area rivers and Lake Michigan.

See the Sturgeon: The many ways to see, touch and appreciate sturgeon around the region
- by Noah Bock

Wisconsin’s Sturgeon Fest celebrates a multi-year lake sturgeon restoration program and is just one of a long list Great Lakes Now has compiled on sturgeon-related activities to explore this summer.