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Episode 2302 Lesson Plans: How cold is melting ice?
- by Gary Abud Jr.

Lessons and activities based on the monthly Great Lakes Now program.

In Chicago, adapting electric buses to winter’s challenges
- by The Associated Press

Capital City Transit has ordered seven electric buses to replace diesel models from 2010, said the operations superintendent.

Great Lakes Moment: The event that saved Humbug Marsh
- by John Hartig

Humbug Marsh is an internationally important wetland because of its ecological impact on the Detroit River corridor and the Great Lakes Basin.

Detroiters can get another 1,125 gallons of water under discount program
- by Great Lakes Echo

Detroit water rates have gone up 407% over the last 20 years, and 120% in just the last 10 years.

U.S. Judge: Flint has 5 months to finish long-overdue lead pipe replacement
- by Bridge Michigan

The $97 million project was supposed to be done by 2020. Officials blame the pandemic, supply shortages and unreliable contractors for the delay.

Long-lost ship found in Lake Huron, confirming tragic story
- by The Associated Press

Now, the mystery has been solved, say officials with Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Alpena, Michigan.

Ian Outside: Let’s go ice climbing
- by Ian Solomon

“My plans had been foiled, I’m at the mercy of the ice. Luckily, I was in good hands.”

I Speak for the Fish: Courting Sunfish
- by Kathy Johnson

Sunfish offer a special opportunity for people, particularly families with children, to develop a lifelong love affair with nature and fish — no worm required.

Science Says What? Microplastic pollution — how worried should we be?
- by Sharon Oosthoek

Scientists have found these tiny bits of plastic all over the world — even in mosquitoes’ bellies.

Court: Nessel can try again to return Line 5 lawsuit to state court
- by Bridge Michigan

Legal experts say Michigan has a better chance of persuading a state court to shut down the pipeline, while Enbridge is more likely to prevail in federal court.

Solid hatches continue for walleye, but yellow perch are struggling
- by James Proffitt

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ young-of-year walleye survey shows last year’s spring spawning was once again very good, continuing a five-year run of exceptional hatches.

Ice Climbing and Offshore Wind – Episode 2302
- by GLN Editor

Ice climbing in northern Michigan and a controversial wind energy project on Lake Erie.

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