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Drinking Water News Roundup: First Nation residents call settlement restrictive, Wisconsin towns try regulating big farms, Chicago cans tap water
- by Natasha Blakely

Catch the latest drinking water updates with Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

To build a new pipeline or not: Illinois city seeks Lake Michigan water
- by John McCracken

The city of Joliet, roughly 45 minutes southwest of Chicago, is looking to Lake Michigan as a solution to its drying water supplies. But residents are concerned about the costs that would bring.

Chicago educator empowers students to make climate connections in their own communities
- by Energy News Network

Through her work with Chicago’s Field Museum, Ylanda Wilhite encourages kids to engage with nature in their neighborhoods, with a particular focus on BIPOC and disinvested communities.

Substantive change will require a ‘massive culture shift’ in federal, state and local agencies
- by Gary Wilson

In this Q&A with Great Lakes Environmental Law Center executive director Nick Leonard, he pushes regulators to focus on the possible, talks about the role MDHHS can play in environmental health, and more.

Chicago’s Adler Planetarium announces reopening
- by The Associated Press

The famed planetarium on the shores of Lake Michigan will on March 4 reopen, joining the ranks of museums and other institutions that have opened their doors once again.

Scratching the surface: Regional research groups explore winter conditions of Green Bay, Great Lakes
- by John McCracken

This is the first year the Chicago research group has been able to study winter conditions of the microbial communities and the “Winter Grab” will help bring more awareness to this field of work in the coming years.

Hydroponic greenhouses continue to offer solution to urban food deserts
- by Audrey Henderson

An upcoming hydroponic facility is the latest development in the former company town of Pullman, a community in south Chicago.

Great Lakes platform helps connect green investors with regional projects
- by Energy News Network

The Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform features 40 projects representing nearly $4.5 billion in investment opportunities, including household energy efficiency retrofits, coal mine reclamation and solar development.

Restore, Release: The Great Lakes Now Episode Quiz
- by Maya Sundaresan

Test your knowledge on the Spectacle Reef lighthouse, Pullman neighborhood and lake sturgeon.

Our Latest Episode: Watch the Great Lakes Now program here
- by GLN Editor

If you were looking for our show on Detroit Public Television on Wednesday, Jan. 26, you know it was pre-empted by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s State of the State speech. But fear not! It’s here!

Monty and Rose: Those Chicago piping plovers, where are they now, what are they doing?
- by GLN Editor

Catch up with Chicago piping plovers Monty and Rose, their winter plans and all their children.

Great Lakes Moment: Small habitat patches can have big ecological impact
- by John Hartig

Researchers found that preserving small, isolated patches of land is just as critical to biodiversity and saving species as preserving large swathes of it. Key examples reside in Detroit and Chicago.