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The 2022 Great Lakes shipping season sets sail after COVID-19 hurdles
- by Maya Sundaresan

The 2021 shipping season was a “bounce-back season,” which Great Lakes port administrators attribute to increased cargo and infrastructure improvements.

Erie Hack Finals: Is Lake Erie’s most pressing water problem toxins, agriculture or infrastructure design?
- by Natasha Blakely

Erie Hack is a “multi-month innovation challenge” that encourages people from the U.S. and Canada to pitch their ideas for new ways and technologies to help Lake Erie, with prizes of $30,000 and $15,000 at stake for the winner and runner up.

Drinking Water Roundup: Senate passes $1 trillion infrastructure bill, Canada reaches $8 billion settlement with First Nations
- by Rachel Duckett

Catch the latest updates on what’s happening with PFAS in Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.

See the Sturgeon: The many ways to see, touch and appreciate sturgeon around the region
- by Noah Bock

Wisconsin’s Sturgeon Fest celebrates a multi-year lake sturgeon restoration program and is just one of a long list Great Lakes Now has compiled on sturgeon-related activities to explore this summer.

Investing in the Lakes: New bill could redirect tech money to neglected Great Lakes cities
- by Gary Wilson

The Great Lakes region is “regularly overlooked by federal lawmakers, investors and innovators,” but new legislation may help the region shake its Rust Belt image and secure tech and innovation investments.

Raining PFAS: Amount of PFAS found is outpacing legacy contaminants
- by Andrew Blok

A basin-wide precipitation monitoring program is finding PFAS showing up all around the Great Lakes, from Chicago to Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Air, Wind, Solar: In the Great Lakes region, energy stands out in President Biden’s efforts
- by Dave Spratt

What sort of impact could President Biden’s executive orders and his various campaign promises have on the Great Lakes region?

Winous Point: Conservation and research play key roles in history of one of the oldest hunting clubs
- by James Proffitt

While hunting has been a hallmark of the Winous Point Shooting Club for more than 150 years, its true nature leans more toward conservation – especially since the creation of the Winous Point Marsh Conservancy two decades ago.

Great Lakes Gift Guide 2020: Remember that road trip, boat ride, microbrew or sweatshirt you should’ve bought with this list
- by Natasha Blakely

Try these gifts from a variety of places in the Great Lakes region in our selected categories of markets, food and drink, potato chips, books, home decor and wearables.

Fall Brawl: Sheffield Lake fishing derby inspires intense angling
- by James Proffitt

The fishing derby started with 50 people 10 years ago. Participants number more than 12,000 this year.

Summertime Spike: Great Lakes parks a source of balm and vexation for many during COVID-19
- by Sharon Oosthoek

This summer, pandemic-weary residents on both sides of the border flocked to national, state and provincial parks – many for the first time.

Lack of Utility Data Obscures Customer Water Debt Problems
- by Circle of Blue

Inadequate data hampers understanding of who is most affected by overdue water bills.