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Raining PFAS: Amount of PFAS found is outpacing legacy contaminants
- by Andrew Blok

A basin-wide precipitation monitoring program is finding PFAS showing up all around the Great Lakes, from Chicago to Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Air, Wind, Solar: In the Great Lakes region, energy stands out in President Biden’s efforts
- by Dave Spratt

What sort of impact could President Biden’s executive orders and his various campaign promises have on the Great Lakes region?

Winous Point: Conservation and research play key roles in history of one of the oldest hunting clubs
- by James Proffitt

While hunting has been a hallmark of the Winous Point Shooting Club for more than 150 years, its true nature leans more toward conservation – especially since the creation of the Winous Point Marsh Conservancy two decades ago.

Great Lakes Gift Guide 2020: Remember that road trip, boat ride, microbrew or sweatshirt you should’ve bought with this list
- by Natasha Blakely

Try these gifts from a variety of places in the Great Lakes region in our selected categories of markets, food and drink, potato chips, books, home decor and wearables.

Fall Brawl: Sheffield Lake fishing derby inspires intense angling
- by James Proffitt

The fishing derby started with 50 people 10 years ago. Participants number more than 12,000 this year.

Summertime Spike: Great Lakes parks a source of balm and vexation for many during COVID-19
- by Sharon Oosthoek

This summer, pandemic-weary residents on both sides of the border flocked to national, state and provincial parks – many for the first time.

Lack of Utility Data Obscures Customer Water Debt Problems
- by Circle of Blue

Inadequate data hampers understanding of who is most affected by overdue water bills.

Message to 2020 Candidates: Focus on water quality in Great Lakes states
- by Gary Wilson

A question on the minds of many in the Great Lakes region for the 2020 presidential election candidates: What is your water policy?

Ohio lawmakers want ‘puzzling’ offshore wind ruling revisited
- by Energy News Network

The state’s siting board had approved the project, but with a provision that made it nearly impossible to build.

Great Lakes Energy News Roundup: Ohio nuclear bailout repeal, Minnesota coal plants, Georgian Bay hydroelectric plant
- by Ian Wendrow

Catch the latest in Great Lakes energy news in Great Lakes Now’s headline roundup.

Toxic Algae 2020: Moderate bloom forecasted for Lake Erie
- by James Proffitt

Discussed at this year’s forecast: the science behind it, can you use Lake Erie, and a citizen science initiative.

Lake Erie Wind Farm: Siting board conditions might kill project
- by James Proffitt

The Ohio Power Siting Board issued a certificate for the project, subject to 33 conditions the company has to meet to proceed.