Cruising the Lakes: Port stops for cruise lines all around the Great Lakes

Cruising the Lakes: Port stops for cruise lines all around the Great Lakes
August 15, 2019 Ian Wendrow

Ports abound throughout the Great Lakes, welcoming vacationers from the United States and further abroad.

To meet the demand from cruisegoers, several cruise lines have been increasing their presence in the region, with upwards of 20 to 30 stops each season at individual ports around the lakes. Cruisers can start off in Lake Michigan and loop around the Lower Peninsula, traversing through the engineering wonder of the Soo Locks. Other routes start up in Lake Superior, heading out from Duluth and touring the Georgian Bay ports of upper Ontario.

Besides the cruise amenities, passengers can experience river-walks, excursions with Native American cultural guides, historic forts, national parks and cuisine representative of the Midwest’s diverse history.

Great Lakes Now has mapped the biggest ports for Great Lakes cruise lines below. Find out where your next cruise destination will take you.


  1. Margaret Dochoda 2 years ago

    I’ve seen cruise ships in Kingston, Ontario, and read about stops in Upper St Lawrence River (Clayton, NY?)

  2. Duane Larkin 2 years ago

    I’d love a Great Lakes cruise, but the prices are insanely high. Why is it cheaper to fly to FL and cruise the Caribbean? Very disappointed.

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