Icicles on the tiki bar — winter on a Great Lakes island

Icicles on the tiki bar — winter on a Great Lakes island
February 24, 2017 GLN Editor
Image courtesy of United States Geological Survey via Wikimedia

This story was originally published in Great lakes Today.

During the summer, The Flyin Jays play around 85 shows all over the “Bay” – Put-in-Bay.  The three-piece band plays at tiki bar Mojito Bay, the Beer Barrel, and Tippers, the island’s place for fine dining.

But right now, most places are closed.  It’s winter, and things on the Bay have slowed down.  Flyin Jays frontman Jamison Charles likes it that way.

“It’s slower, it’s kind of quaint. It’s a time to enjoy the beauty of the island,” said Charles.

So when Charles and his band play their “island-style Americana” music in the off season it’s mostly on the mainland.  But as his working season on the island slows down, Dustin Shaffer’s picks up.

“It’s pretty much like a light switch,” explained Shaffer.  “As soon as boats start, I don’t do much flying but in the winter it’s just back and forth nonstop.”

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