Algae Blooms in the Great Lakes

Algae Blooms in the Great Lakes
August 6, 2015 GLN Editor
Algae Bloom

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Lake Erie Algal bloom

WATER—the thing that we take for granted become a commodity for more than 400,000 people in northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan over the weekend as they were told not to drink, cook or bathe in the water flowing from their tap. The reason? An algae bloom crisis in Lake Erie, which affected the city and surrounding areas’ water supply.

While this issue surfaced over the weekend, scientists agree it is anything but shocking. Record-setting algae bloom in Lake Erie caused by agricultural and meteorological trends have caused this problem, which scientists predict won’t be the last crisis of its kind.

So, what can we do about it? Is it preventable, and if so, how?

At 2 p.m. today Detroit Public Television, will live stream a special interview with Christy McDonald and Dr. Patrick Doran, Director of Conservation for Michigan via http://www.greatlakesnow.org/algae-blooms/. Dr. Doran leads statewide and Great Lakes‐wide investigations of conservation priorities. This includes the identification and prioritization of important conservation areas, as well as the development and implementation of conservation strategies and measures of success.

Detroit Public Television will continue to provide you with critical and in-depth information about the algae bloom crisis and other environmental issues that you need to know about. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/GLNalgae.


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