Great Lakes Now Connect: Northern Forests

Great Lakes Now Connect: Northern Forests
January 17, 2014 GLNeditor

On Tuesday, February 18th, we kicked off the year discussing northern forests.Click the upper left corner of the player for the full playlist


The Great Lakes contain one of the largest remaining swaths of unbroken hardwood forest in the United States, but as a result of historical and modern large-scale timbering, our once-massive forests have been reduced to a small fraction of their original abundance. We explored the challenges facing this precious resource and what can be done to keep our forests growing into the 21st Century and beyond.

The program was hosted by veteran journalist Christy McDonald, and moderated by The Nature Conservancy’s Dr. Patrick Doran, Director of Science for Michigan and the Great Lakes. Our special guest was William Banzhaf, Advisor to Dovetail Partners Inc. and former President of the Sustainable Forestry Board. Panelists include Bill O’Neill, Forest Resource Chief from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Jon Fosgitt, Forest Management Specialist with Compass Land Consultants.

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