Great Lakes Week Program Details

Great Lakes Week Program Details
August 29, 2013 GLNeditor
Downtown Milwaukee - the scene for Great Lakes Week 2013

Downtown Milwaukee - the scene for Great Lakes Week 2013Great Lakes Week 2013 is the first gathering of the organizations governing the Great Lakes since the new Great Lakes Water Quality agreement was signed between the United States and Canada.   The agencies involved will be taking stock of the overall health of the Great Lakes, celebrating the cleanup of several environmental areas of concern, and setting priorities for action and scientific research on the lakes for the next three years. 

The city of Waukesha, Wisconsin’s request to divert water from Lake Michigan will be another major topic of discussion since Waukesha is located outside of the Great Lakes watershed.  Government representatives and interested parties will be discussing the precedent setting request that is the first test of the Great Lakes Compact.

Other discussions will focus on record low lake water levels, the algae bloom that threatens fish in Lake Erie, and concerns about safeguarding the lakes from invasive species that could arrive in the ballast water of commercial shipping.  

The setting is the city of Milwaukee, which is promoting itself as the world’s “Silicon Valley” of fresh water technologies. The city’s commitment to fresh water will be on display.

All coverage is branded “Great Lakes Now” to allow local station brand affiliation.

FOR MAIN CHANNELS: Nightly Summary Program (30 minutes) (EDT):

  • Tuesday, September 10:  6:30pmET/5:30pmCT Feed
  • Wednesday, September 11:  6:30pmET/5:30pmCT Feed
  • Thursday, September 12:   6:30pmET/5:30pmCT Feed


FOR SECONDARY CHANNELS:  Live Programming Schedule (EDT)

C-Span style anchored coverage of conference sessions along with interviews with experts and scientists.

  • Monday, September 9:  1:00pm-5:00pmCT/2:00pm-6:00pmET
  • Tuesday, September 10:  10:00am-4:00pmCT/ 11:00am-5:00pm ET
  • Wednesday September 11:  11:00am:-5:00pmCT/12:00pm-6:00pmET
  • Thursday, September 12:  9:00am-12:00pmCT/ 10:00am-1:00pmET


The Live Stream of the conferences goes beyond the broadcast schedule on Monday and Tuesday evening.

  • Monday, September 9:  1:00pm-9:00pmCT/2:00pm-10:00pmET
  • Tuesday, September 10:  10:00am-5:00pmCT/ 11:00am-6:00pm ET
  • Wednesday September 11:  11:00am:-5:00pmCT/12:00pm-6:00pmET
  • Thursday, September 12:  9:00am-12:00pmCT/ 10:00am-1:00pmET

DPTV will provide code for an embeddable player that will offer:



  • Customizable press releases for your local market
  • An on-air promo designed for station branding and localization
  • On request, contacts for Great Lakes environmental contacts in your market.
  • Broadcast home website:
  • Conference home website:



  • Erb Family Foundation
  • The Brico Fund
  • Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation 
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • International Joint Commission (IJC)
  • Offield Family Foundation
  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation
  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District



Christy McDonald joined Detroit Public Television in 2011 and serves as the host of DPTV’s weekly MiWeek public affairs program.  She has also served as the principal anchor of DPTV’s coverage of Michigan’s Mackinac Policy Conference and Great Lakes Week 2011 and 2012.

An Emmy Award winning journalist, McDonald was an anchor and reporter for WXYZ-TV in Detroit from 2000 through 2010.  She specialized in breaking news, politics and in-depth coverage. She has anchored continuous election night coverage and focused on interviews with politicians and newsmakers.  


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